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Sample Book Information

Thank you for your interest in our catalogues. We are a family business specializing in bridal fabrics since 1996. We offer a large and varied range of fabrics. We consider that our success is due to the fast, reliable and friendly service we provide. Much of our range is formed by listening to what you tell us you need and if possible trying to provide that service or fabric.

The range can be ordered in sections, so that you can choose which type of fabrics/accessories you want to offer:

The samples in our standard books of basic fabrics mentioned in 8 & 8m consist of each colour being mounted on a detachable T. card, with one colour from most pages provided as a 10x15cm feeler piece. The vast majority of other fabrics you get a cutting of the colours we run, along with a larger photocopy. We have no minimum order by value or length and we will always use the most economically viable way to send your order. Short lengths of cheaper fabrics will be sent via letter post, while larger quantities and more expensive fabrics go via carrier on next day delivery. Full terms and conditions will be sent with your first order.


The books give you access to the products & services. We provide a newsletter to keep your books updated and provide other useful information. If you provide us with an email address you will receive it by e-mail, also included are colour images of the newest fabrics. You are also sent a new pricelist twice a year in January and July. All updates are provided free for the sections of book you order, as long as you spend over £500 per year. The updates are sent with fabric orders. Individual sections can be ordered priced as follows:

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