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Welcome to Michael’s Bridal Fabrics

Michael’s Bridal Fabrics is a family business offering a fast, reliable and friendly service with no minimum order value. We mainly supply to bridal manufacturers, bridal designers and fabric shops. If you want to find out if there is a retail stockist local to you please e-mail us at

We are now the UK agents for Ramon Santaeulària, as well as Interstiss. Ramon Santaeulària are based in Barcelona and are the manufacturers of high class buttons. Interstiss is a French manufacturer based in Lyon, specialising in various types of Jaquards/brocades and digital printing. Click here for more information.

Personal visits (by appointment only please).

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../customers/Sassi Holford 14 Emily.jpg
Dress Designed by: Sassi
../customers/Passion Editorial 2016.jpg
Dress Designed by: Nicola Anne

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